Program Overview/Schedule

KABB (King Avenue Beyond the Bell) afterschool program includes snack, homework hour, academic enrichment activities "clubs", organized/group physical activities, recess.
Kinder KABB
12:00-12:10    Kinder recess with Yard Duty Staff; taken to Room 18
12:10-1:00      Nap time/Rest time and watch film
1:00-2:00        Homework, Reading and Academic Activities
2:00-2:20        Snack
2:30-2:35        Parent Pickup/End of Kinder KABB
Extended Kinder KABB
2:30-3:00    Recess
3:00-4:00    Computer Lab (Monday-Thursday)/Academic Enrichment (Fridays)
4:00-5:00    Academic Enrichment (Clubs)
5:00-5:30    SPARK/PE
5:30-6:00    Free Choice 
1st through 5th Grades KABB – Regular Day
2:33            Regular Day Dismissal/Staff get students in line
2:35-2:50    Snack

2:50-3:00    Recess
3:00-4:00    Homework Time
4:00-5:00    Academic Enrichment (Clubs)
5:00-5:30    SPARK/PE
5:30-6:00    Free Choice
1st through 5th Grades KABB – School Minimum Days (Wednesdays)
1:03            Minimum Day Dismissal/Staff get students in line

1:05-1:15   Staff take students to bathroom break & then to classrooms/computer labs
1:15-2:00   Computer and Life Skills classes
2:00-2:30   Snack
2:30-3:00   Recess
3:00-4:00   Homework Time
4:00-5:00   Academic Enrichment (Clubs)
5:00-5:30   SPARK/PE
5:30-6:00   Free Choice  
All Grades – School Minimum Days (Fridays)
Field Trips/Assemblies/Open House